• 南方人在米切尔中心.
  • 排球场上的南方人.
  • Southerners with Irving Silver and Frances Grodsky Silver Endowed Presidential Lectureship
  • 外面的南方人合影.
  • Southerners in front of a play ship at the Exploreum.
  • 三个抱着狗的南方人.

The Southerners are a 28-member group of USA students who work closely with the National Alumni Association, President’s Office and other University and community groups to fulfill vital roles in every aspect of University relations. 成立于1978年 Southerners are funded and directed by the 校友关系处 and the USA 全国校友会. The Southerners serve as the official ambassadors for the 十大玩彩信誉平台 throughout the country.


Members are chosen on the basis of an essay-type application, interviews, academics 以及课外成就. 

If you are interested in serving as a Southerner, please submit an application, along with your letter of recommendation, and photo, to the 校友关系处 no 1月24日星期三中午之前. If selected, you will be contacted by Friday,  January 26th to schedule your Open House time slot. 开放日将于周一举行, January 29th and Tuesday, January 30th at 5:30PM at the 麦昆校友中心. All applicants are required to attend one (1) of the Open Houses to be considered for 小组面试. If selected for 小组面试, you will be contacted by Wednesday, February 1 to schedule a 30-minute group interview time for Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, 2024年2月5日至7日. To be considered, you must be able to attend all portions of the 面试过程. Those who are selected for the final interview will be notified by Wednesday, February 7, 2024 by email to schedule an interview time for Friday, 2024年2月9日. 








加布里埃尔Tumbleston -总裁








Alexander Davis - Secretary of Correspondence


Ansley Simmons - Secretary of Public Relations

aaryan piracha



Aaryan Piracha




Anna Marie Vuyuoh



bennett booth



Bennett Booth

Briomma Wilson



Brionna Wilson


Eliana Smith


Emory O'Meara






Hunter Kilgore


Ian Osbourn


julian cruz



Julian Cruz

junseo park



Junseo Park


Justin Renfroe




Kirstin French




luke sparkman



Luke Sparkman






Olivia Andrews

preston reed



Preston Reed


sadie sease



Sadie Sease





shubhangi singh



Shubha Singh



As the official ambassadors of the University, the Southerners are available to assist 举办活动. Please do not request the group for ushering or food service requirements. This elite group is trained to host VIPs, provide campus tours and to welcome alumni and guests to the 十大玩彩信誉平台 campus and USA Health System.

To request the Southerners’ assistance, please complete this form, and submit it to the 校友关系处 a minimum of two weeks in advance of event date.


Oozeball is one of the longest-running and most popular student organized fundraisers on campus.  With more than 600 participants each year, Oozeball is an annual tradition loved and supported by students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters of the University 南阿拉巴马州.

Funds raised through Oozeball support the Southerner Spotting Excellence Scholarship, a creative application scholarship awarded USA students who display excellence in 走出了教室.  Funds raised through this event are also matched by the Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship Initiative, which supports undergraduate students. 


赞助商包括沃尔特斯控制公司, Poarch Creek印第安人, 心脏病学协会, 南阿拉巴马州的南方人, 南阿拉巴马州全国校友会, Ive Row, The Social, Atlaco LLC, Joe Bullard, Bryant Bank, 学生学业成就, 布罗德沃特牙科, USA Housing, 墨西哥湾沿岸儿童诊所, 贝克汉姆合作伙伴, Carpe Diem, 钻石头牙科诊所, Alumni Atelier, Mitchell Pro Health, 茅屋山学院, 和迪克西服务清洁工.

For more information, please contact the Southerners advisors:

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